Video-based training

A presentation in a dynamic, visually appealing format that instantly grabs attention. The video content can be shared via multiple channels, e.g. YouTube, flash drive, email, web server, etc

Advantages of implementing video-based training

Implementing video-based training within a company has some clear advantages over conventional training:

  • Accessibility 
    Learners can participate at any time, from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if employees are in the office, at home or based remotely. Learners can access content on their smart phone, tablet or PC instantly wherever they are in the world.
  • Consistency 
    Video-based training ensures that the quality of the training is consistent and that all employees receive the same key messages.
  • Cost-effective 
    Corporate training can be expensive and takes up a lot of valuable time. Video-based training saves both time and money.
  • Connects people
    Implementing video-based training gives learners the opportunity to network and acquire new knowledge.

DigityIT develops your customized video based training environment based on needs analysis and the given requirement.